African Swine Fever

In recent years, African swine fever (ASF) has caused massive losses in pig populations and had drastic economic consequences for the pork industry.

African swine fever is a viral fever spreading among domestic and wild pigs with a very high mortality rate.

Although this fever is not harmful to human health, it is fatal for pigs. This virus is already present in many countries and affects biodiversity. The death of livestock due to this disease causes heavy financial damage to the small pig farm owners.

At Warraich Pig Farm, a variety of pigs are under supervision to avoid any contact with the disease.

Symptoms of African Swine Fever in Pigs

Symptoms of African swine fever incubate for five to ten days. The following ailments are noticed in infected pigs:

  • a high fever of around 105 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Skin reddening or darkness around the ears and snout;
  • Unwillingness to eat;
  • Weakness in the body;
  • unable to stand or move;
  • Abortion and stillbirth.
African Swine Fever among domestic and wild pigs.

How does it spread?

The disease-causing virus is strong enough to survive in harsh environments. It can spread from infected livestock to healthy ones with physical contact. Moreover, it spreads from the workers working on the farms. It also gets attached to the objects that encounter infected livestock. From those objects, it spread to healthy animals.

The care

The first case of this disease came to notice in India in February 2020. There is no medical remedy for this viral disease. The only way to prevent it is to take strict measures like:

  • Limit the visitors, make sure they use sanitizer, and wear disposable clothes and shoes.
  • Avoid feeding catering waste to pigs.
  • Disallow the outside pork products.
  • Clean and sanitize the equipment used on the farm.
  • Limit the number of people coming from ASF-infected regions to avoid contact with pigs.
  • Regularly monitor the fever indication in pigs and keep them separated from the herd.

At Warraich pig farm, we follow proper hygiene and care to keep our stock away from any such disease. Warraich Pig Farm aims to provide you with the best quality pork products without any worry.

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